Windows 10

You get what you pay for… This OS was given away for free by Microsoft. Generous offer, sure, but not even worth its free pricetag.
Once installed, it got me so excited, the beauty, ease and swift flow of the initial setup screens (before I even landed on the desktop for the first time). I thought it was going to be a great, user-friendly experience.
Then, I got to the desktop, the bubble burst. The computer froze. Patiently waiting ten minutes for it to “shit or get off the pot” as one would say. Well, stayed frozen so I held the power button til the laptop shut off, then I waited a full minute and pushed the power button again to turn the laptop back on.
Went into Safe Mode, while following troubleshooting steps online using my cell phone, I went through more than ten sites and forums trying EVERYTHING.
Clean Boot, Clean Install, Recovery, Uninstall Apps, Add a second Administrator, Add Local Account, Disabled Background Programs, Installed Updates, Device Management, Power Options, Graphics Drivers, Disk Management, Command Prompts, calling it names, cursing its makers – nothing works!
Still, everytime I rebooted into normal mode – the screen freezes within 90 seconds.
Microsoft should not have released this OS. They clearly didn’t do any quality assurance tests and what’s worse- they’ve known about this issue for more than a year! Yet, they still forced it upon us and is making it harder to run any other OS but Win10!
I don’t recommend this “up”grade. Stay with whatever you have now. If it’s Windows 10, my thoughts are with you.


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