Temptations Cat Treats

Coal received mail a couple weeks ago from Temptations so he could try some of their treats. They sent him a little trial size bag with about 12 treats in the pack. To help him maintain his weight, I normally give him three treats, three times a day – as most packages suggest.

My worry was they would be a bit too crunchy for him, as he’s used to a softer treat. These are the best of both worlds though! With a crunchy outside and a chewy soft inside.

Well, I tell ya! He gratefully gobbled them up and asked me to go out and buy him a tub.

Since I know he loves the Chicken, I’ll get a tub of that. But Temptations has more than a dozen other flavours to choose from plus they have variety packs and even mixed flavours pouches.
He’ll have to try at least one of each.

You can find Temptations treats in a bunch of different sizes. Here’s a few of the sizes and regular prices I found at Walmart.ca:

188g pouch = $2.88

350g pouch = $5.38

454g tub = $6.98

Variety Pack box with six 85g pouches (in three different flavours!) = $10.68

Well, my next grocery trip now has a tub of Chicken plus a Variety Pack box in the shopping list. I figure if he turns his nose up at the new flavours, he will do as he always does when something doesn’t get a two paws up review: Donate to the Community!

The local food bank accepts cat food, treats, litter and even stuff that was opened. If yours doesn’t, the local SPCA will or you can even find a local church that does the soup kitchens and see if they know someone who will gladly accept an open bag of treats for their fur baby.

Thank you for taking the time to check out Coal’s review today! As his guardian, I give full purrmission for his name and likeness to be used on the LoveBeyondWords.ca domain. Coal received a sample pack of Temptations Chicken Flavour cat treats for free with no promise of a review to be written. He loved them so much he asked me to sit down and write one for him right meow!

#GotItFree #PackAttack

🙂 Two paws up! 🙂

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