Nesquick Chocolate Powder

I’ve just discovered probably the best perk of being an adult: Chocolate with every meal? Sold!

For less than ten bucks (regular price at Walmart!), I bought myself a huge 1.36KG canister of the powdered chocolate Nesquick. I was surprised that it said to use just two tablespoons into my cup of milk (I could of swore when I was a kid, no less than ten heaping scoops and a wee squirt of milk would do)…
Anyhow, I followed the directions, and it tastes incredible! Such a creamy, smooth chocolate taste. The taste is simply filled with nostalgia. And apparently the adults in my life way back then were right – you really don’t need ten scoops to get the same exact awesome flavour! Huh.

I also tried two tablespoons of the powder, about one tablespoon of milk, stirred that til creamy, then poured just-boiled water over to fill up the mug while stirring. Best hot chocolate I’ve had in years! It goes down easy – none of the grits you get with no name stuff.
The canister says you can even make hot chocolate with mixing straight warm milk with the powder, but I had to try it with water because let’s face it: lactose-free Milk is expensive!
I’m very happy and even found a few recipes I can use Nesquick for (instead of Cocoa – which costs way more than this huge can). Totally going to keep my pantry stocked with Nesquick from now on.


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