Maybelline New York The 24k Nudes Eyeshadow Palette

The 24k Nudes kit proves itself as a high quality eye shadow just by opening the package!

What I love most about this palette (other than the flawless beautiful colours!) is the really easy to follow little instructions printed on the bottom of the case. In total, the kit alone taught me 13 different ways to apply eye shadow and I loved each new way! Plus – I followed the package advice and went over to the Maybelline website and learned even more tricks. Happy gal right here.

The applicator that comes with the palette is good enough for the six beautiful ‘Duos’ looks where just two shades are used, but for the extra detailed ‘Trios’ and ‘Quads’, I used my own brushes.
The shadows glide on soft and don’t dust or clump up. Just a little is needed to make gorgeous eyes, so it’s even easier to tell this is a higher quality product. Cheaper brands I’ve tried in the past, I’d swipe and swipe and swipe and my eye would just end up feeling sore and scratched, and still without shade. This kit will last longer than a cheaper one because I won’t have to use as much to get the right look.

I love how well the earthy colours match up with my skin tone. I’m very happy with this palette and am so very grateful to have had this opportunity to try it as part of the ChickAdvisor Product Review Club! I will buy myself another when this sample runs out and totally recommend the 24k Nudes palette to all eye shadow wearers out there. From first timers to divas – this palette should be near the top of your makeup stockpile. 🙂

Thank you! #GotItFree #LoveMaybellineNewYork

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