Know Cosmetics No, My Lips Are Sealed Lipstick Topcoat

Sure am glad to have gotten this as part of my #ChickAdvisorPremium welcome kit. The most important thing I did first was grab out those instructions which essentially told me to not double-dip and to wipe the stick off before putting it back into the tube (which, in my opinion, should be written on the tube itself).

It works best with Matte lipsticks (like the Katy Kat COVERGIRL series) or even a semi-matte (like the Mary Kay gel semi-matte that was also included in the ChickAdvisor Premium welcome kit).

As it promises, after 5-10 minutes, I was able to take a sip of tea without leaving my mouth behind on the cup.

I tried it with all my different kinds of lipsticks (cream, balm, matte, semi-matte):

My matte and semi-matte both yielded the same results. The colour stayed as vibrant as when first applied and by the 10-minute kiss test, there were zero colour transfers. For the matte testing, I used Katy Kat Matte and Mary Kay Gel Semi-Matte, respectively.

The cream lipstick (L’Oreal Colour Riche Lip Colour) really didn’t mix well with the top coat. The kiss test after ten minutes was still slightly smudgy. Not too surprising though, because it is a lipstick with built-in moisture. The topcoat isn’t made to dry my lips out…

My balm lipstick, just a slight smudge was shown after 5 minutes with the topcoat applied. After 10 minutes, my test area was clear. That being said, so were my lips. The colour had completely faded from my lips and I had to reapply lipstick. Which meant reapplying the topcoat. After 10 minutes, same story. So, I wouldn’t use it for balms either (I tested with L’Oreal Colour Riche Lip Balm).

I say You Betcha! I recommend to try this topcoat, especially for Matte fans… but…
For $25, I personally wouldn’t buy it again. Mostly because I don’t wear matte lipstick very often. So, I’d just spend the money on a few tubes of $8-10 cream lipsticks with a sealer already in the stuff.

That being said, I know a lot of rockabilly chicks out there would absolutely love this topcoat in all its glory. So, I’ll be for sure recommending this to all my lovely pin-up girls.

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