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I love the Instagram App on my Android. All you do is take a picture with your phone (or upload an existing picture already on your phone) and if you want, enter a title, description, little message or even tag people/places/products and that’s it! There is so much beautiful photography to be found, from pros with their manual cameras to amateurs on our cell phones.
My favorite part about Instagram – everyone is so positive! It’s just this great big happy place with people being so supportive and friendly of and to the pictures others post. It’s really something else to see how the artistic community spirit reverberates throughout the App.
It is really fun and so easy to share pictures. The best part was how I am able to edit the picture to make it brighter or show different colors, switch it to black and white or to even add little designs and stuff right onto the picture. All that, plus it’s free! There’s even a private message function so you can chat with your Instagram connections – and it supports all the #hashtags and @products/people just like all the other major social media platforms.


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