All products that are reviewed on the LoveBeyondWords.ca domain have been tested between September 2015 and today.

Sometimes, we find free product trials from around the web and sometimes stores have little sample packets that I take home for either Coal or I to try. Sometimes, awesome friends new and old give us gifts because they know we like stuff. When freebies are received and after we’ve tried them out, I like to offer an unsolicited opinion as my own personal gratitude to try such things. Even if we don’t like the products, I’ll let you know our personal experience.
You will also notice that I will end these reviews with just one hashtag: #GotItFree

Other times, Coal and I are lucky enough to be selected for exclusive product review opportunities where we get products for free or with a discount in exchange for our thorough testing, written opinion, visual feedback and social media sharing to be published at and through consumer panel websites.
The end of these detailed articles will explain the product was received for free as part of a consumer panel campaign. It will also include several hashtags, from the manufacturer, the consumer panel and, of course my all time favourite hashtag: #GotItFree.

Unfortunately, not everything in my home comes for free. I’m also a proud coupon cutter and sales guru. When I review products I got on a wicked sale, at the end of the spotlight, I’ll add my very own special hashtag: #Discounts

Then, of course, there are the products we just need to have in our lives and can’t find sales or samples for… These products get their very own hashtag at the end of their notes as well. It’ll be: #PaidFullPrice

Obviously, I have a bit of a hierarchy when it comes to prioritizing my testing schedule. I’ve been off work on disability living on a very small fixed-income for more than two years now and I don’t get paid to do all this testing and writing. So, we really count on these freebies and deals. It goes without saying that I take what I do on this end of the screen very seriously. Between battling medical issues and time – it often takes days and sometimes even weeks of trying the product and then many hours of sorting notes, pictures and other fun tidbits to complete just one review. I do this with each and every product – and even down to variety and flavours – each and every product gets my full attention for as long as it takes to develop a proper review that I feel confident sharing with the world.

The “world” is sometimes – ok, most of the times, just my eyes and Coal’s ears, but hey – this is my art. These are my words. And I’m gonna present them how I want. So there. ♥

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