Colouring Book for Adults

Last year, when my support worker suggested coloring to help with my anxiety and depression, I honestly thought she was joking. She sent me home with a box of crayons and a kids coloring book. Still, I thought she was joking. A few sessions later, she asked how the coloring was going – I hadn’t begun. Then, she told me of these adult coloring books with more challenging color area- and I was sold.
The adult coloring books even come in a beginner form – which is the first that I bought. Some of the pages were partially colored, just to give me a feel of how to keep it going. It really did work! After a few weeks with the encouragement of the beginner book and my finding it ok to “mix it up”, I got another Adult Coloring book. The second is a more complex book, with tattoos and mandalas to color (awesome combo, eh?!)
Now, I have a few adult coloring books and a nice new set of fine-tip markers, colored pencils – and yes, still the box of crayons.
This is such a soothing past-time. I totally suggest it for all ages and maturity levels 😉


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