This is the best place to find great reviews written by actual customers. I love that this Chick side is for ladies and there is a “brother” site for the men (XYstuff). Awesome thinking!!
l love reading reviews from other women just like me to find new ways to use products I’ve had forever and to find products I should have been using all this time.
I love being a member because there have been some really awesome campaigns that I’ve been selected for and have since added those products to the top of my must-always-have shopping list. Dove hair care products are my new #1 thanks to ChickAdvisor! Even the campaigns I don’t get, reading the reviews of others usually encourages me to go out and buy it anyways so this site is just awesome for getting to know all sorts of shopping gold.
Members even get access to a wonderful forum with so many incredible women that pick each other up, help each other laugh, offer shoulders and tips, tweaks and other neat stuff. It’s a community that I am absolutely grateful to have in my life. Best of all, it is highly interactive with the actual Chicks in Charge! Staff often comment on forum discussions and it just makes everyone feel more special to be here. It feels good to matter. To have a purpose, a community and friends that are always just a browser away.


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