Cake Beauty Heavy Cream Intensive Hand Repair

I am so glad to have gotten this cream for my hands! It smells so good – just as it says on the tube, like a warm french vanilla. It really is a heavy cream so the tube needs to be squeezed a bit hard to push out a little – but just a little is all you need, so I think they must have had that in mind when packaging. A little less than an inch-long strip put on the top of one hand and rubbed in with the top of the other hand was all I needed. Speaking about packaging, I was very happy to see a protective seal when opening the tube.

When first rubbing it in, the scent is so deliciously fresh and natural, like an oven at the very moment it’s time to take out a vanilla cake. It isn’t greasy and even after a few hand washes, the hint of vanilla still works its calming magic and my hands stay soft and hydrated without need to reapply.

The price is acceptable when I consider the ingredients of what they put in – and more importantly, what they leave out so that my hands are able to take in all the french vanilla beauty with zero discomforts.
I will definitely buy this hand cream again and totally recommend it to everyone.

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