Ben & Jerry’s Non-Dairy: PB & Cookies

Never really knew what a “natural high” was til I tried Ben and Jerry’s Non-Dairy in P.B. & Cookies. From the first lick, I had to have more and more and more. This dessert is totally ice cream – but isn’t really ice cream, because there’s no milk. But for all ice cream connoisseurs out there: make room in your freezer for this dessert.
You can actually see the chunks of cookie and crunchy peanut butter swirling throughout the vanilla almond pint of frozen heaven. It’s definitely a premium dessert and the price reflects that – but oh so worth the splurge, especially for us recovering ice cream addicts with lactose issues.
The flavour is an absolute perfect combination of all ingredients, not overpowering on a single one. If you like peanut butter, cookies, almond and ice cream (but lactose free), you should try this kind. I will be getting it again for sure! It’s actually on sale right now at Superstore so I’ll be getting more this week, in fact. 🙂
I am really glad to have gotten to try the P.B. & Cookies flavour through ChickAdvisor. Thank you!

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