Ben & Jerry’s Non-Dairy: Chocolate Fudge Brownie

This ice cream is so tasty! It’s like eating frozen brownies with chocolate chunks. I really love it. I’m a big fan of baking chocolate fudge brownies and this ice cream was bang on for the flavour I was expecting.
There’s no dairy so it’s good for my stomach – but there is gluten so try not to eat the whole pint in one sitting if you’ve got wonky insides like me.
The price is a couple extra dollars than regular ice cream – but since it’s lactose-free, I understand.
I found mine at the grocery store in the regular ice cream section – right with the regular Ben & Jerry’s, so I had to just look at the lid wrapping that boldly says it’s the non-dairy kind.
At first, I looked in the health food section freezer, but it wasn’t there with the other non-dairy ice cream alternatives. I actually didn’t know any other companies made non-dairy ice cream til I looked in the frozen health food section. The regular prices for the other non-dairy ice creams were the same as Ben & Jerry’s non-dairy, but Ben & Jerry’s has been on sale a lot since it came out.
I’ll be watching for more sales and will get this flavour again. I’ve already bought 2 and got one free.

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