Arm & Hammer Clump & Seal LightWeight Litter

I was selected to try this product free as a member of the Chick Advisor Product Review Club. The product is not sold in any of the stores in my town (I checked Canadian Tire, Walmart, Pet Valu, Global Pets, Sobeys and Superstore). The Walmart here finally ordered me in a box at the beginning of April – but it was the wrong size for the discount coupon that was sent by ChickAdvisor. The regular price of the Clump & Seal LightWeight litter is double the price of what I usually buy for the same package size of the Purina Tidy Cats brand. So, at that time I was definitely not prepared to pay the difference.
Finally, at the end of April (and long passed the review deadline – which I was gratefully excused from), I was able to pick up the proper size box using the ChickAdvisor coupon! That box was purchased in the city – an hour drive away from the town I live.

My impressions of the product itself are quite positive! I am glad to have finally found it. If I had to do it again – I would totally pay the difference on that coupon for the larger box. Here’s why:

The first thing I noticed was the nice carry handle on top of the box. On one side of the box, there is a perfect diagram and instructions of how to keep a litter pan properly cleaned. That was useful. I was surprised when I read that by scooping and topping up daily, that I only had to do a total empty and sanitizing of the litter pan on a monthly basis! With the usual litter – I have to do a total empty-out, wash and fill every week.
When I used this fact calculating the cost – it shows me that I can get away with buying one box every 2 months! With my usual stuff (and having to change the whole pan out weekly), I go through the same amount of litter in less than a month – making me have to usually buy two jugs of litter a month. Thus, costing the same as this Arm & Hammer Clump & Seal LeightWeight Litter in the end.

My suggestion, for the brand – is to put the fact that this product only needs to be completely emptied monthly in big and bold on the front of the box. That way it will make more sense to buy it for those of us out there that shop with a calculator.

The other side of the box promises that the litter “destroys odours on contact.” This has been fulfilled over and over again throughout the last week or so. Before using this litter, when my kitten would poo, the whole apartment would stink for at least an hour. Like – a gagging sort of stink. Now, he has a poo and I don’t even know it til I see him wiping his paws on the heater (I know, he’s weird, get over it lol). He also doesn’t flick all kinds of litter onto his mat under his litter pan anymore. This is nice – because I can finally walk into my bathroom with bare feet. Like the package says- his pee really does sink down and form one big pee puck at the bottom of his pan.

Now for the big promise: 100% Dust Free. Just to be clever, I poured the box from a standing position so that I was a bit higher than usual. A comfortable pouring stance, if you will. Normally, I’ve got to bend right down there to avoid kicking up too much dust, hold my breath and jump in the shower right after filling the pan to get the gross smell and feeling out of my pores and off me and my PJ’s. Not with this stuff! I was able to comfortably pour the recommended amount and there was no dust! I also like how dark and soft it looks. I’d like to think that my cat appreciates the softer stuff too.

I think the name is confusing to some people. They see “LightWeight” and think 4.08kg is going to feel like 2kg, so that’s what their bodies tell them when they pick up the box. Honestly, I’m not sure what LightWeight means either. Is it the finer grain of sandy litter? Is it that this is truly Dust Free? Who knows – at any rate – if you follow the directions on the box, you will be surprisingly pleased with this product…if you can find it.

With all that being said – I will not purchase this product when it runs out. Only because when it’s time to get litter, I want it to be on the shelf in front of me. Not almost an hour away in some other city. If I could trust that this product were to be always carried here in town, I would permanently switch to this product. But buying it once every two months, I just can’t see myself going through such a hassle.
As the parent of Kitty-cay Coal, I consent that any reference to or likeness of my fur baby is approved. 😛

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