Aquafina Plus+ Vitamins 10 Cal

I am a big fan of this super tasty enhanced water. It is completely thirst quenching and it has the vitamins that are needed to get me through the day. Other drinks like this – like PowerAde; I find makes me even more thirsty. So, I always reach for this brand first. The bottle fits perfectly in my hand and I am able to screw the cap back on to help keep it fresh when I don’t drink it all in one sitting. Of the five flavours, Yumberry Pomegranate is my absolute favorite. When there is a big sale on them (which happens often), I usually buy a few in that flavour along with a few bottles of the Black and Blue Berry and of the Acai Fruit Punch flavours. I will definitely buy this product again in the future and totally recommend it to anyone that’s thirsty!


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